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Dare Divas®

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There’s No Such Thing as Complacency When You’re a Dare Diva.

DARE DIVAS® know you can’t live courageously and enjoy all life has to offer from the comfort of your living room. Founded by four women — an Attorney, Health Care Consultant, Auditor and Marketing Strategist — DARE DIVAS® take on the world by exploring their God-given potential on and off the job, whether on land or water or in the air. They put together adventurous excursions and urge like-minded people to join in on the fun.

Angenette Frink, Brenda Jegede, Mia Anderson, and Sheri Hunter met while serving in the same outreach ministry at Christian Tabernacle Church in Southfield, MI. Their work there included building relationships between the church and its members through various ministries — new members, weddings, seniors, events, etc. While they discussed various activities, such as travel, outside of the church, they didn’t truly begin connecting with one another until Mia stepped out of her comfort zone.

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“I wanted to go white-water rafting for the adventure and fun of it, but I couldn’t find anyone willing to do it with me,” said Mia.  So, she randomly threw the offer out to the group.

After returning home to Detroit from living in California for many years, Angenette was hoping to find friends as adventurous as she. So, of course, she was first to bite. Sheri was in too. Brenda, however, wasn’t so sure. Yet the more her church colleagues talked, the more she couldn’t fight the allure.

Soon, the four acquaintances were traveling to the New and Gauley Rivers in West Virginia in Angenette’s Jeep, which was stocked with a lavish road trip meal provided by Sheri’s loving husband Mannard.

“Before that, we mainly talked about ministry life,” said Brenda. “But we talked and talked the entire six-hour drive. I felt like I let down my guard on this trip.”

By their next trip – a local ski excursion to prepare for a trip to Colorado with the National Black Ski Summit – the four realized they were becoming friends. Jokes about getting motorcycle jackets so they could become bible-wielding, adventure-seeking riders got them thinking they needed a catchy name. Thus, “DARE DIVAS®” was born.


Three years after Angenette, Brenda, Mia, and Sheri began their escapades, Mannard died of a heart attack. Sheri was suddenly a widow. “There was depression coming on as I realized there were difficulties I had to face that I never had to by myself,” she said.

Through it all, the DARE DIVAS® were by her side. They spent long hours comforting and praying for her. They also supported her plans to embark on a trip she and her late husband previously planned.

Sheri’s first of many stops on her lengthy excursion would be France, but she didn’t have to go alone. The DARE DIVAS® traveled nearly 4,000 miles to see her off, spending four days exploring Paris together. Sheri continued on without Mannard, and Angenette, Brenda and Mia, knowing it was a trip she needed to complete on her own.

Over the years, the DARE DIVAS® have done numerous adventures together such as snowmobiling on the Continental Divide, extreme ziplining along the cliffs of the New River Gorge, skydiving from 14,000 feet, driving NASCAR Race Cars on the Charlotte Motor Speedway and – in their most challenging adventure to date – hiking Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa.  But more importantly, their bonds of friendship have grown and strengthened and stood the test of time.

The DARE DIVAS® continue to search out new opportunities to live life to the fullest and reach outside of their comfort zones.

But this movement isn’t just about the four originating members. They want others to join them, to get beyond their fears and know there’s someone with them, praying for them, encouraging them. Someone cheering that they will get that job, come through that medical procedure and always have a friend.

The DARE DIVAS® want everyone — women of all ages and nationalities — to live daring and adventurous lives and explore their own God-given potential. 


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