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What is your chemistry?

There are all sorts of elements that make humans who we are. There is biology; we are made of oxygen, water, calcium all sorts of properties necessary for life. We are part of the human species which differs from other species in that we have complex ability to reason and solve and express what and why we feel to ourselves and others. We also have the brainpower to manufacture in a lab man-made diamonds, and ways to improve and refine oil.

The questions is, what is your chemistry? What are the things that make you tick?

I spoke with Rita, a lab tech at Marathon Oil for 35 years and like all of us, she is more than what she does for a living; more than the elements she expertly samples and analyzes. She’s complex, dynamic and daring herself to evaluate what she would like to accomplish in the next decade.

During our stroll, we talked about adventure (she’s a fellow ski buddy), love (she married for the first time at 55) and the importance of her faith (she travels for a spiritual journey to Israel in 2020).

She was the first in her family to graduate from a university and shared the thrill of buying her first home. All sorts of nuggets that she managed to do with budgeting, prayer and hard work. Check out the video here:

What’s your chemistry? What makes Are you going for all those things in your heart that will manifest joy for yourself and others? You have the ability to conjure up all sorts of outstanding things. Yes, YOU!

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