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Ok, so you're not a Dare Devil...but...

Ok, you're not a dare devil...meaning you don't eagerly, anxiously, plot, plan, race towards jaw-dropping feats that others rolls their eyes or shake their heads in horror at your pure looniness. That's ok. You still can be a Dare Diva. Yes...YOU...CAN.

Meet Michele. She'd tell you she is not that girl...the kind that race towards outlandishly wicked things like skydiving. She's chill. She's cool. She doesn't need to do all that to be daring and a diva. Michele is a Dare Diva, though, because she puts herself out their for her friends and family. She opens her home to entertain (side note: I desire to entertain more, but, that means cleaning the house, buying groceries, cooking, invites...ohhhh. ok Yes, I can); and when Michele does that, open her beautiful abode, she is putting on her own superwoman cape. Then she couples that with sharing herself with the world with philanthropic work.

See, you don't need to rush to a roaring river. We all can open our hearts, our homes and greet others with hospitality and kindness.

Now, let me go grab some appetizers and spirits for my own soiree. Let's Go!!!

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