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Daring to move to another level

Have you ever dreamed of living somewhere else? Maybe somewhere tropical, away from snow and cold climates or a European locale (ah, Paris, the French Riveria sounds divine). My friend Wendy, did exactly that. She was fresh from college some years ago and departed from Michigan to Florida for a new job. She was excited, but, also a bit nervous. She knew no one, no family, no friends. She was a new fish in a big pond. Yet, she took the leap. It was a career move (one of many) that led her to become a Executive Vice President at a leading advertising agency firm. You just never know the heights you can go when you decide to move from your place of comfort to one that is foreign. It can be the very thing that elevates you to the next level. Take a listen to Wendy and hear how she manages being a top executive and her journey from that fresh faced college student.

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