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I help professionals on their journey to steadfast mental wellness and fullfillment within organizations

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Corporate Workplace Wellness

The benefits of the overall health and wellness of employees are plentiful.


Organizations that understand the correlation between employee health and the success and sustainability of the company notice: higher productivity, reduced absenteeism, reduced stress, enjoyable work environment, employee retention, improved moral, improved employee health, healthcare cost savings, and more.

Book / Film

Daring to Live touches on themes that each person experiences in life: death of a loved one, questioning of one’s faith, healing, the power of friendship and working hard to find purpose and unapologetic glee in our lives.

Dare Divas

DARE DIVAS know you can’t live courageously and enjoy all life has to offer from the comfort of your living room. Founded by four women — an attorney, project manager, auditor and journalist

About Sheri


Sheri is a journalist, author, keynote speaker, and business strategist.


With a background in corporate sales and leadership, her career expands over several industries including banking, manufacturing, training, and retail. Her career has grown to encompass mental wellness a topic that is very personal to her.


When her husband of 21 years died suddenly she went into a tail-spin. It affected those she loved and her career and it became urgent that she discover how to care for herself and operate outside her comfort zone.


Sheri journaled and wrote about her recovery process in a book published by Baker Books, “Daring to Live.” The book was optioned by Amazon Films. Sheri is passionate about sharing with others that positive self-talk and addressing inner sadness can catapult one into an extraordinary life.


Sheri's Talks


Imposter Syndrome is real. It’s not about lacking self-esteem. According to the Harvard Review, more than 70% experience of individuals feel the gripping effects of Imposter Syndrome.


Those who suffer from it have shared they are playing a role; others feel as if at any time people will learn they are a sham, that they are not as intelligent, productive, or able as what others believe.

Imposter Syndrome is where one feels anxiety or self-doubt and the belief that accomplishments and achievements are the result of luck or other external forces.

Some individuals assume it is merely a self-esteem issue but it is so much deeper. Though Imposter Syndrome is not clinically a medical condition it can stymie growth in a career and halt the actualization of achievable goals and ambitions.

Imposter Syndrome affects high-achievers and everyone from new parents to managers heading a new project, college students to the C-Suite.

During this talk learners will discover:

- The Imposter Syndrome Cycle
- What Triggers Imposter Syndrome
- The 6 Personas that affect Imposter Syndrome most
- The 9 Steps to Overcome Imposter Syndrome and more…

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Everyone has a unique response and tolerance to stress. Well-informed organizations understand a healthy workforce aids society but also impacts profits.

Corporations that understand the importance of mental health work to provide access to mental health resources, and create a culture where emphasis is on burnout prevention and continued conversation about the wellness of their staff.

It is also important for each employee to do their part. Organizations need productive employees who understand there may be workplace demands that may be high in volume and length. Employers want the best employee for the job. How do employers and employees strike a balance when it comes to workplace norms with satisfaction for all?


During this talk learners will discover:

- Emotional Intelligence and the Manager's role
- Motivating and Inspiring employees
- What are the sources of stress in the workplace?
- What are the 7 steps individuals can do to manage stress in the workplace and more
- Discover the 5 things one should consider when unresolved stress is affecting mental health and more.

Time Management Strategies for Traditional and Non-Traditional Students

On the topic of time, Greek philosopher Theophrastus said it best, “Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.” How effectively one utilizes their time in the workplace, at home, and at play is an ongoing puzzle and brain-twist. There never seems to be enough time since there are endless ways to spend it. For both traditional and non-traditional students the goal is the completion of scholarly pursuits. How best does one accomplish this with the rigor of coursework and the demands that life has that seem unending?

During this talk learners will discover:

- The Mechanics of Time Management
- Reactions to Stressors
- Setting Goals and Priorities
- Preference for Organization
- Perceived Control of Time and more

non traditional students together.jpeg
non traditional students together.jpeg

Sheri's Testimonials


Sharon Lakes


Public Relations & External Communications, Conduent

“Sheri Hunter’s clear and authentic voice captivated the thousands attending our signature event from the start. Her message and her presence resonate, and Sheri’s personal story of how unexpected setbacks can beautifully transform into resilience, community and joy is as essential as it is inspirational.”

UM_gabriella S headshot 2.jpg

Gabriella Scarlatta

Provost, and Vice-Chancellor, University of Michigan-Dearborn

"Sheri’s keynote was just right for when you need students to pay attention. Her energy, personality, and talk were inspirational."


Jack Canfield

NY-Times Bestselling Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Sheri is a talented speaker with a special skill to connect with an audience. She delivers knowledge-based content that helps people grow and develop in their careers.” 

Past Clients

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