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About Sheri 

Journalist, Author, Writer, Marketing Pro

Sheri has written for newspapers, TV News, magazines and more recently her memoir, Daring to Live, for Baker Books; that chronicles her journey of healing following the death of her beloved husband Mannard and the friendship with her fellow Dare Divas where together they skydived, drove Nascars, hiked Mt. Kilimanjaro and more. 

For twenty years she worked as a marketing professional working with an educational publisher, an automotive society and championing small businesses.   


Following an article in National Geographic Traveler Magazine that went viral, Sheri toured the Midwest at Barnes and Noble locations in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Ohio where audiences packed the

venues with interest in the Daring to Live challenge and how to channel their own inner adventurer.


Sheri has a B.A. in Political Science from University of Michigan-Dearborn and an MBA from Lawrence Technological University. She lives in a suburb of Detroit. 

sheri hunter author great wall of china

Sheri’s mother, grandmother and great-grandmother were janitors; hard working Detroit women who raised their beloved child with an incredible work ethic.


“They cleaned other people’s toliet’s everyday,” says Sheri. “They never asked anyone for anything, they never made excuses; I learned a lot by watching them be strong.”


Sheri was one the first to earn a college degree and later an MBA.  From there she explored her passion for writing as a TV Producer in Saginaw and Detroit.

It was when she met her husband, Mannard, at ten-years old that her world tilted. They dated when she was 18, married when she was 24; and when he died when Sheri was 45, the earth shattered.


“I didn’t realize how much I had leaned on my husband. When he died, his strength wasn’t my strength anymore. I had to find my own.”


And she did. She did it by resurrecting her long ago passion…writing. The articles and her book about loss, recovery, adventure and endurance has resonated with individuals who are looking for a way to rebound in their own lives; and with corporations that value wellness and a well-tuned workforce.


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Sheri's Story

If only I had learned all of this earlier, I kept saying to myself; not wasted so much time. The goal is not to languish a day longer, but to move as far towards the stars while there is time.

Sheri Hunter

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